Innovative Transportation  Services

Innovative Transportation Services is a subsidiary of Transportation and Consolidation Services, Inc. We are a niche trucking company servicing western New York with innovative ideas and equipment. Currently providing dry van and refrigerated trailer services to Sonwil Distribution customers, as well as customers in need of unique solutions.

Our Fleet


  • 7 CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Tractors
  • 9 Diesel Tractors
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  • 56 53' Tri-axle Heavy Permitted Vans
  • 10 48' Heavy Permitted Refregerated Vans
  • 25 48' Heavy Permitted Vans
  • 56 53' Dry Vans

All 2011 or newer!


Our Commitment to an Economic and Green Future

As a responsible business, we are always working hard to reduce our impact on the environment and pursue more economic solutions. The key initiative we take at ITS is to transform from Diesel fuel to CNG powered fleet. We currently own one 9.0 Liter CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) engine tractor, and we are going to purchase 3 more 12.0 Liter CNG engine tractors to further our effort.

Here's why CNG tractors are superior to Diesel fuel tractors: 

Clean Energy Source

According to U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), up to 50% of our nation's air pollution is created by motor vehicle emissions burning traditional fuel. With at least 90% methane, natural gas vehicles produce significantly reduced levels of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide.

Lower Fuel Cost

U.S. national diesel fuel price is 170% higher than ten years ago and increasing. The most recent diesel fuel price in Buffalo, New York area ranges from $3.69/Gallon to $4.03/Gallon. In the meantime, Compressed Natural Gas costs only 30% - 55% of that price per equivalent diesel gallon.


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