Transportation Solutions

TCS provides value to your customer for you by arranging transportation that delivers wherever, whenever, and however it’s needed. And if you’d like to find a more cost-effective way to ship your products, our transportation experts can offer advice and answers.


Parcel Shipping Solutions

Transportation and Consolidation Services (TCS) gives you a tremendous selection of transportation alternatives and high-quality outsourced services to improve performance, enhance efficiency and cut costs – in any economic conditions. For 25 years, we’ve transformed our customers' transportation management operations for optimum results during good times and bad.



Claims Processing Solutions

Processing transportation insurance claims is troublesome, and you may feel that you’re not getting what you deserve? TCS can help. Let TCS take the guesswork out of your claims processing. Because of our vast experience, we know how to handle these tricky negotiations to get the results that our customers haven’t.



North America Truck Terminal

This 13-acre site is an ideal drop lot for dropping a trailer, hooking and going or cross docking and transferring a load. The flexibility and convenience are there for the asking. The terminal can accommodate refrigerated or ambient trailers and provides video surveillance for added security. Whether you’re coming or going, our North America Truck Terminal is a convenient place to stop, drop and roll.