Parcel Shipping Solutions

Bottom line is -   

because of our shipping volume, you get the best rates and best service by working with TCS.

Parcel shipping programs are complex and constantly changing. Keeping up is a full time job and costs you additional time and money. And if you don’t ship enough volume, you don’t get the vendors’ attention or their best rates. TCS constantly monitors UPS parcel shipping programs. The result? Research information and counseling that helps you select the best carrier and programs for you and your customers. We do the legwork and alert you to developments that can streamline your parcel shipping and save you money. To contact our sales representative for more information on our capabilities, click here. Bottom line bonus: ship your parcels through TCS and receive the benefit of our volume shipping rates.

  • New and innovative ways to ship very small packages
  • Established, high-volume relationships with UPS
  • Competitive rates
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in the selection and negotiation of programs, services, and rates
  • Expert, fast handling of parcel shipments
  • Efficient administrative systems to process paperwork
  • Comprehensive technology solutions to automate operations and provide information